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The Gamer’s Tavern thanks its many sponsors which make the podcast network possible. These sponsors have either paid for consideration or offer an affiliate account we utilize. If you want to support the Gamer’s Tavern, please click on the links below when making your purchases.

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  • Accursed The dark fantasy campaign setting for Savage Worlds.

Become a Sponsor

If your company, organization, or convention would like to advertise on the Gamer’s Tavern, we offer very competitive rates. Our listeners fit a very tight and desirable demographic, educated professionals and students who are passionate genre fans with time with disposable income they spend on hobby interests.

These rates are current as of April 2, 2016. Please contact for updated rates if this date is older than 60 days. Volume discounts may be available.

Bandwidth Sponsor

$59 for all episodes of specific podcast for a month (30 days or 4 episodes), 20 second tag.

Gamer’s Tavern

First Ad (60 seconds): $69/episode

Second Ad (60 seconds): $59/episode

Third Ad (60 seconds): $29/episode

Gamer’s Tavern Game Table or Gamer’s Tavern News

First Ad (60 seconds): $69/episode

Second Ad (60 seconds: $39/episode

Banner Ad

The banner ad at the top of our page is a Leaderboard ad (728×90) and we run 20 ads in a random rotation. You can purchase a slot at $25 per month (30 days) per slot. To purchase our banner ad for the entire month exclusively, the cost is $375 per month (30 days)

A mobile banner (468×60) may be placed at the top of the show notes for any episode for $25. This will not be changed regardless of impressions or time and will be both on our website as well as our Libsyn site and all podcast aggregator that pull our show notes.

You may also purchase a banner ad with a specific impression count at $15 per block of 1000. Your ad will stay live on the site until you have reached your number of purchased impressions.

Ad Creation

Advertisements on Gamer’s Tavern are pre-recorded and mixed to ensure the highest quality and clearest message to the audience. If you do not have audio, we can create it for you for a fee (typically $30-75 and you retain rights). Please contact us for information and a quote. Ads may also be done as a “live read” with no bed music, either with your provided copy or copy we create for you. In this case, we retain all rights to the advertisement and you do not have permission to reuse the advertisement. We apologize, but we cannot currently create banner ads at this time but can refer you to freelance graphic designers who may be able to assist you.

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