New Home for the Gamer’s Tavern Podcast Archive

The short version: You can now find episodes of the Gamer’s Tavern Podcast on a new RSS feed at

There is also a playlist on YouTube at

The long version: As much as I loved producing the Gamer’s Tavern podcast and wanted to bring it back, it increasingly looked as though that wasn’t going to happen – at least not in its original format. However, the hosting service I originally chose back in 2013 required constant payment in order to keep the files online and I couldn’t really justify paying $60/year on top of the hosting fees for this website and other monthly upkeep fees for Gamer’s Tavern, my work at EN World and other sites, and the content for the Gamer’s Tavern Twitch and YouTube channels.

So I switched to a new hosting service for the original podcast with myself and Ross Watson and uploaded them to YouTube, Twitch, and any other service I could find that hosted audio or video for free. This means that all the episodes would be available no matter what happens in the future.

Unfortunately, it also means that all the links on this website and any website that linked to the podcast when it was still on its original hosting service now no longer work. Which is why I made this post, several months after making the move. If you’re here looking for the podcast, the two links above will serve you or you can search for other alternatives out there.

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