Episode 44: The Sixth World of Shadowrun, or Everything’s Fine Here, How Are You?

The year is 2050. Or 2053 or 2060 or 2070 or 2075 depending on the edition. This is the Sixth World, where megacorporations dominate a world where magic has returned and technology has advanced beyond our wildest imagination. This episode, we talk about the campaign setting of Shadowrun with a special musical appearance from Opti from the Neo-Anarchist Podcast.

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Our Guests

Rusty Zimmerman

Shadowrun Novella: Neat

Elven Blood

Way of the Adept

Satellite Reign

Steve “Bull” Ratkovich

Catalyst Game Labs

Shadowrun Missions

Shadowrun Missions Facebook


What We’ve Been Playing

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross)

Tsuro (Darryl)

Shadows of Brimstone (Darryl, Bull)

Shadowrun (Bull)

Eclipse Phase (Rusty)

Smash Up (Rusty)

Vampire: The Masquerade (Rusty)

Shadowrun Crossfire (Bull)

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Skull & Shadows (Bull)

Star Trek Online (Ross, Bull)

Birthright (Ross) (link goes to our episode on Birthright)

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut (Ross)

Champions (Ross)

The Sixth World

Steven Tinner

Nigel Findley

Universal Brotherhood

Bug City

Renraku Arcology Shutdown


GE Commercial – The Kid Who Beeps

Portfolio of a Dragon: Dunkelzahn’s Secrets

Ancient History’s Annotated Will

Super Tuesday

Tir Tairngire

Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall

Germany Sourcebook

Shadows of Europe

Year of the Comet



One Book to Learn about Shadowrun

Shadowrun 1st Edition Rulebook (Rusty)

Into the Shadows (Bull)

Seattle Sourcebook (Bull)

Shadowbeat (Bull)

Sixth World Almanac (Darryl)

2XS (Darryl)

Street Samurai Catalog (Ross)

For further listening on Shadowrun

The Arcology Podcast

Neo-Anarchist Podcast

Critical Glitch

Hidden Grid

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ChupacabraCon Bound

A quick update on the schedule and what we’re doing this weekend for ChupacabraCon!

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Game Table D&D Ep 2: Is There Something on My Face?

Welcome to the Gamer’s Tavern playthrough of the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set! The party found the wagon of their patron, Gildar Rockseeker and Sildar Hallwinter, raided by goblins. Now they take the fight to their home ground! If they can track them down, that is.

Episode One

Darryl Mott Jr: Dungeonmaster

Ross Watson: Morgan

Sean Patrick Fannon: Jovis

Andrea Perez: Bellianne

Gary Dowling: Magni


Drive Thru RPG: The internet’s largest source for gaming resources

Evil Beagle Games: Makers of Shaintar. Bad dog, good games!

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Shadowrun Podcast New Year Special from The Arcology Podcast

The Arcology Podcast ran their second annual New Year special with several Shadowrun podcasters, including Darryl Mott Jr. (owner, producer, and engineer of the Gamer’s Tavern) and Brandon Gensemer (producer of the Gamer’s Tavern Game Table: Shadowrun)! We make a few announcements about the future of Gamer’s Tavern as we talk about what happened in Shadowrun in 2014 and what’s coming in 2015! With their permission, we bring the show to you! Make sure to check out our fellow Shadowrun podcasters.

The Arcology Podcast

Neo-Anarchist Podcast

Critical Glitch

Hidden Grid (Yes, they’re coming back!)

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Episode 43: Conventions, or a Peek Behind the Curtain

Want to see how conventions work? Maybe you want to start your on con? We have the best gaming conventions in the country, both big and small, to answer your questions about starting a convention!

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Accursed: A dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters

Audible: The internet’s largest source for audio books, get a free trial now!

Evil Beagle Games: Bad Dog, Good Game

Our Guests

Sheena Colbath


iVerse Media

Joe Charles


Comicpalooza Games


Ed Doolittle

Note: Due to an audio issue, we lost the first part of Ed’s Gaming Character Sheet. You can find out more about what Ed does at:

Denver Gaming Association (hosts of TactiCon and GhengisCon)

RoleplayDNA Podcast

What We’ve Been Playing

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross)

Munchkin Panic (Darryl)

Shadows of Brimstone (Darryl)

Star Wars: Edge of the Empire (Joe, Sheena)

Dungeons & Dragons Online (Joe)

Star Wars Commander (Joe)

Dungeon Crawl Classics (Ed)

Conspiracy X (Sheena)

Diablo 3 (Sheena)

Heartstone (Sheena)

Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Widening Gyre (Ross)

Cyberpunk 2020 (Ross, Ed)

Gaming Conventions

Gamer’s Tavern: Convention Survival Guide Part 1

Gamer’s Tavern: Convention Survival Guide Part 2

Gamer’s Tavern: Comicpalooza

Gamer’s Tavern: Gen Con

Rocky Mountain Savages

Warhorn Gaming Registration

The Ballpit Convention

Find a Convention Near You

Game Convention Central

Pathfinder Society Events (Note: This includes in-store games as well as conventions)

D&D Adventure League (Note: They currently only list in-store play, but will soon add convention support.)

Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Events

Warhammer 40K Tournament Listings

Catalyst Demo Team (Shadowrun and BattleTech)

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Episode 42: D&D 5th Edition, or Bringing Back the Fun

You wanted to know what we thought, well here it is. Our opinion of the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons. What’s to love, what’s to hate, and what’s to compare endlessly to Pathfinder; we cover it all!

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ChupacabraCon – Join the Gamer’s Tavern at the greatest gaming convention in Austin!

Evil Beagle Games – Bad dog, good games.

Drive Thru RPG - The largest source of games online.

Accursed RPG – The game where you play the monsters fighting evil.

Our Guests

Sean Patrick Fannon


Evil Beagle Games

Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible


What We’ve Been Playing

D&D (Darryl, Ross, and Sean) See below for links

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Borderlands 2 (Ross and Sean)

Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Basic

Starter Set

Player’s Handbook

Monster Manual

Dungeonmaster’s Guide

Adventure Leauge

Codename: Morningstar

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Happy Hour: Kickstarter Celebration!

Our Kickstarter has succeeded and many of you are probably wondering what’s going on with that. This episode, Ross Watson, Brandon Gensemer, and Darryl Mott Jr. update you on what’s going on with the Kickstarter fulfillment, the new show coming to the Gamer’s Tavern Podcast Network, and a lot more!

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Evil Beagle Games: Bad Dog, Good Games!

Accursed: The dark fantasy RPG setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters!

ChupacabraCon: The best gaming convention in Austin, TX, this January 9-11! Meet Ross Watson, Sean Patrick Fannon, Shane Hensley, Jeff Dee, Cam Banks, Steve Kenson, Robin
D. Laws, Kevin Nunn, Jason Morningstar, Jennifer Rehnay, Darryl Mott Jr, and more! On Sunday, Gamer’s Tavern is taking over the convention with a special Gamer’s Tavern Game Table AND a Gamer’s Tavern recording with many special guests! Tickets are available now!

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Episode 41: Dungeon Crawls, or It Makes Thousands of Julienne Kobolds

Most gamers get their start in a dungeon crawl. Many of the classic modules from the system are dungeon crawls. Why do these style adventures stick with us so much? What makes them so much fun? How can we keep them relevant in the 21st century? Join us to find out everything you need to know about dungeon crawls.

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Drive Thru RPG: The internet’s largest source for games
Evil Beagle Games: Bad Dog, Good Games
One Degree with Nick: Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time

Our Guests

Owen K.C. Stephens


Green Ronin

Rogue Genius Games

Plunder and Peril

Advanced Bestiary


Bryant Smith

Gamer’s Tavern Evil Parties


What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross)

Shaintar (Ross)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Ross)

Pathfinder (Owen)

Temple of Elemental Evil (Owen)

Cassino (Owen) (Italian Fishing Game)

AFK Tavern


Dungeon Crawls


Keep on the Borderlands

World’s Largest Dungeon

Dragon’s Delve

Emerald Spire


Interview with Gary Gygax from Dungeon 112


Warhammer Quest

Descent: Journey in the Dark

Castle Ravenloft

Wratch of Ashardalon

Legend of Drizzt

Throne of Bloodstone

Grimtooth’s Traps

In Search of the Unknown



Tomb of Horrors

Return to the Tomb of Horrors

Draconomicon “Millennium Dragon”

Dragon Magazine 131 “The Chasm Bridge”

Dungeon Magazine 17 “Out of the Ashes”


Renraku Arcology Shutdown

Dwarven Forge


D&D Miniatures

Paizo Battles

Gale Force 9

True Dungeon

Expedition to Barrier Peaks


Our Favorites:

“Millennium Dragon” from Draconomicon (Bryant)

I6 Ravenloft (Owen)

The Temple of Elemental Evil (Darryl)

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Last Call on the Gamer’s Tavern Kickstarter

We’re in the final hours of our Kickstarter and have an update including the announcement that we’ve broken through another stretch goal! We’re going to be adding a new podcast to the Gamer’s Tavern Podcast Network, thanks to our generous backers! If you haven’t backed us yet, you’ve got mere hours remaining. Go to our Kickstarter page and check out the amazing reward levels (many of which allow you to take part in the show!) and help us unlock one last stretch goal of getting John Kovalic to take over the show as a guest host.

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Gamer’s Tavern Happy Hour: Road Trip

Ross and Sean are on a road trip! Gamer’s Tavern host and producer Ross Watson along with frequent guest Sean Patrick Fannon killed some time on their drive home from RinCon talking about what they did at the convention, how to argue about gaming effectively, the independent game movement, the Death Spiral, and what’s going on with their company, Evil Beagle Games.


Kickstarter – The Gamer’s Tavern Podcast Network Kickstarter runs until November 6, so please pledge now!

Drive Thru RPG – The largest source of role playing games on the internet!

One Degree with Nick – Gamer’s Tavern editor Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time


Road Trip

RinCon home page

Chess is not an RPG

Thick as Thieves card game


East Texas University

Artemis Bridge Simulator

Sparticus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

The Forge



Dungeon World

Houses of the Blooded


Burning Empires

Old School Renaissance

Lamentations of the Flame Princess

Project 77

Savage Lankhmar


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