Welcome to Gamer’s Tavern History Check! This episode, we explore the series of events that led to the formation of the gaming hobby as we know it going all the way back to the very origin of the concept of “roleplaying games”.

Gamer’s Tavern History Check: Origin Story Part 1

This time, Ross and Darryl talk about the films making up the current DC Expanded Universe aka the Snyderverse aka the Murderverse, Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Spoiler Alert: If you’ve only seen Man of Steel, we don’t get into BvS spoilers until about the […]

Happy Hour: Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn ...

After a hiatus, the group returns in order to deal with the fallout of rescuing their fixer Xerxes and the prisoner they grabbed. Also, some quick fleeing to a new safehouse, a few run-ins with the police, and a mysterious safety deposit box.   Brandon Gensemer – GM Ozurr – […]

Game Table Plot Resistance: Episode 10

Legendary game designer Mike Pondsmith joins us to talk about his illustrious career in the gaming industry, from Mekton to Cyberpunk to Teenagers from Outer Space and far, far more and how Mike managed to hit every major pop culture trend before it made it big. Mecha, cyberpunk, anime, steampunk, […]

Episode 60: Mike Pondsmith

Welcome to Gamer’s Tavern News! This is a pilot episode for a new show where we bring you the latest news from all aspects of gaming. If you have any feedback, please let us know in the comments below! Our Sponsors Gamer’s Tavern Patreon – Support us and help bring […]

Gamer’s Tavern News (Pilot Episode)

From Collectible Card Games to Deckbuilders to Living Card Games and more. This week, we go over the different types of card games out there, the history of the genre, and how Magic: The Gathering may have save the industry. Our Sponsors Gamer’s Tavern Patreon – Help support the show! Geek N […]

Episode 59: Card Games, or My Lotus Petals Are Worth ...

Darryl here. I was doing so well for a while. Getting at least one if not two episodes of the show up every week (including our special premium content). However, I’ve had a health scare recently. At the start of the month, I injured my back. This caused me intense […]

Reason for the delays

This week, the group works on their plan for the long-term run to vacate three stories of an office building on a specific date two months from now. While they prep, their only real contact in Detroit, Xerxes, appears to butt-dial them…except it appears to be a silent call for […]

Game Table Shadowrun: Plot Resistance Episode 9

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Ninjas…ATTACK! Also, poop pipes that spy on you. This time, on Shadowrun: Plot Resistance. Brandon Gensemer – GM Ozurr – Neil Kat9 – Eiko Summer Newett – Remy Rob – Gremlin Seraph Blakes – Lost in Spirits NOTE: This video is under a copyright claim due to a Creative Commons […]

Game Table Shadowrun: Plot Resistance Episode 8

Time to make the chimi-fuckin’-changas! Ross and Darryl talk about their feelings on the new Deadpool film and pull no punches!

Happy Hour: Deadpool Review

From Conan to Elric to Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser to Thieves’ World, the stories of sword and sorcery fantasy have been seminal in defining fantasy gaming. But what about the games based on those stories? What makes the genre different than other types of fantasy gaming? What kind of stories […]

Episode 58: Sword and Sorcery Games