Episode 15: Villains, or Please Don’t Sue Us Harlan Ellison

What makes a villain? What separates them from just another antagonists and pushes them into iconic if not mythic status? Chris Avelllone, designer of some of the greatest villains of gaming history whether digital or analog, joins us to discuss what makes a villain and how to use the Big Bad Evil Guy in your game.

Note: This was originally scheduled to be Ep. 16 of the podcast but, due to audio issues,the schedule was slightly changed.

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Chris Avellone

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HERO System



Underworld Enemies

Dark Champions

Knights of the Old Republic 2

Darth Nihilus

Darth Sion

Spoony’s Darth Vader story WARNING: He rambles more than Darryl does, but he’s better than I am!

Mara Jade

Xanatos Gambit WARNING: TVTropes Link!

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