Episode 21: Graphic Content, or Shocking Grasp Ballslap

We go way off the deep end this episode as we discuss using graphic violence and other mature content in gaming. How do you know where the line is? How do you keep from crossing it?

WARNING: This episode is about the topic of Graphic Content. This episode contains descriptions of violence, gore, and torture. If these subjects upset or offend you, please do not listen to this episode of Gamer’s Tavern. This episode is for mature audiences only.

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Bill Keyes


The Widening Gyre

Robert J. Schwalb




Dungeons & Dragons Next

What We’ve Been Playing

Darryl and Ross: Shadowrun 4th Edition

Rob: Dungeons & Dragons Next

Bill and Ross: Champions

Tavern Tales

Rob: Dungeons & Dragons Next

Bill: Star Wars (D6 West End Games)

Our Topic: Graphic Content

Warhammer 40K Roleplay


Middle Earth Roleplay


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness

Call of Cthulhu


Cyberpunk 2020

Mage: The Ascension


Love & Sex in the Ninth World

Sisters of Rapture

Book of Erotic Fantasy

Book of Vile Darkness

Freak Legion

Black Dog Game Factory


Theocracy of Canceri


Counter Monkey – Thieves’ World

Aaron Allston Strike Force

Dead Heat

Takashi Miike

Fudoh: The New Generation

Gamer’s Tavern episodes referenced

Dungeons & Dragons Part One: Edition Wars Are Bullshit

Dungeons & Dragons Edition Wars Part 2: Weeaboo Fightan Magic

Music for Animation Celebration: “Undead Blues” by Unknown Hinson, copyright 2010, used with permission.

Music for Gamer’s Tavern Contest: “Time Goes By” by Melodic in Fusion, used on CC BY 3.0 license

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