Episode 2: What Makes a Game Fun aka How to Make Literally Dozens of Dollars a Year

Welcome to the Gamer’s Tavern. Have a seat and join us for You All Meet in a Tavern Episode 2, “What Makes a Game Fun” aka “How to Make Literally Dozens of Dollars a Year” with your hosts, Darryl Mott Jr. and Ross Watson. Ross spent the first half of the episode fighting a grue called “nvidia”, but was able to join us after the first break. Our guests are John Goodenough, currently with Alderac Entergainment Group and designer of Talisman 4th Edition, Relic, World of Warcraft: Board Game, and Tide of Iron amongst others, and Andy Hopp, designer and artist of Low Life and Dementalism. In this episode, we discuss how theme, design, mechanics, tone, art, and the players themselves all come together to make a game fun to play. And yes, I know I said Paranoia early on when I meant Pandemic…I got the two straight for the rest of the episode.

Episode Links:

Alderac Entertainment Group

Mother Oith Creations, home of Low Life and Dementalism



Vampire: The Masquerade


Castle Panic

Tide of Iron

We would like to thank our sponsors for this episode, The Accursed RPG Kickstarter and the Dementalism Expansion Kickstarter

Low Life/Dementalism theme: “Heck on Oith” by Stratos, courtesy of Bailey Records Copyright 2009, used with permission

Accursed theme: “Artemis” by Aesma Daeva is used under the Creative Commons Attribution license

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