Episode 27: Birthright, or The Name Ed Stark Sounds Familiar

The forgotten campaign setting of D&D, as Ross likes to call it. The original creator of Birthright, Richard Baker, joins us to talk about the setting that just might have inspired Game of Thrones. You are a king, lord of your land with the divine right to rule – literally, you have divine energy that fuels your bloodline. This is Ross’s favorite campaign setting and, after recording and listening to the episode, Darryl is pretty intrigued as well. So sit back while we tell you all about why you should remember Birthright.


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Richard Baker

Sasquatch Game Studios

Atomic Dragon Battleship (Rich’s blog)

Accursed Adventure: Banshee of Loch Finnere


What We’ve Been Playing

RPG Geek of the Week link to Ross’s week


Central Casting Heroes of Legend





Ed Stark (Ross’s interview with him)

Colin McComb

Birthright Campaign Setting (Now available for purchase)

The Falcon and the Wolf

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 16: Worldbuilding

Shadow World


30 Years of Adventure

Blood Enemies

Gorgon’s Alliance video game


Cities of the Sun

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Tony Szczudlo

Birthright on DnDClassics

Birthright on Amazon Marketplace

Song of Ice and Fire Roleplay

Hodor’s Guide to Hodoring

Kingmaker Adventure Path

Note: Due to a technical issue (my mixer is eating XLR cables), there’s no closing to this episode. This episode is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives 4.0 license. Music for the Drive Thru RPG ad is “Tavern Brawl (Demo)” by Save or Die, Copyright 2013, all rights reserved, used with permission. Music for the Spirit Store ad is “Inside” by b-Shake, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 3.0 International license.

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