Episode 16: Worldbuilding, or The Lady of Pain is Six Squirrels on Top of One Another 4

How do game designers create the amazing worlds we all play in? How can you use their tricks to add more to your own game? Or do you want to become a professional yourself and publish your own game world? Colin McComb and Darrell Hardy join us to discuss one of the challenges of modern game design, Worldbuilding.


Colin McComb



Planescape Torment



Darrell Hardy


My Little Pony CCG




“Here’s a message for Birthright.net: You’re awesome, thank you.” – Colin McComb

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4 thoughts on “Episode 16: Worldbuilding, or The Lady of Pain is Six Squirrels on Top of One Another

  • Dave404

    Please don’t spend so long apologising and giving shout-outs. It shouldn’t take nearly two minutes to say all that stuff. I’m new to the show and it immediately made me groan. The rest of the show might be gold but it’s not going to make a lick of difference if the listener gives up before getting there. The preface message is clearly recorded after the fact – why not write it down next time and record it a few times until you’re happy with it?

    Ideally just eliminate that stuff entirely. You could always edit in a little apology about the interview audio right before it happens.

    • Abstruse Post author

      By “shout out”, do you mean congratulating one of the guests on the birth of their child that happened in between recording and airing? Because seriously, not going to apologize for that.

      • Dave404

        No one asked you to apologise, quite the opposite. What I recommended was to script your foreword so it doesn’t drag out into a barely coherent ramble, killing the momentum of what is otherwise an excellent show.