Episode 51: Torg, The Other Roleplaying Game 3

Torg is a game long ahead of its time. We have designer Ed Stark to talk about this lost gem of a roleplaying game in a frank discussion of both the ways it innovated the gaming hobby and where it went wrong in some pretty spectacular ways.

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Ed Stark

Dungeons & Dragons 3.x


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3 thoughts on “Episode 51: Torg, The Other Roleplaying Game

  • David Boop

    Still my all time favorite game! I have all the books and every scenario I created. I developed a lot of my storytelling techniques GMing this system. Miss playing it a lot.

  • RedfeildRE

    I never got to run this game enough. I too have every book printed for the game and a few of the paperback fictions including the TORG/Paranoia mash up Stormshooters and Troubleknights.
    I dearly hope a new TORG will come out but I’m pretty sure we have seen the last of it. I hope I’m wrong. A new TORG would be an opportunity to fix some of the problems of the original (Not many IMO) and shed new light and a modern spin on the old classic.