Episode 54: Long-Term Campaigns, or I Think I Drowned a Bear

Do you want to go the long haul with your gaming session? I’m not talking weeks or months, but years with the same characters in the same world? Michael Surbrook joins us to help you realize that dream with advice on how to plan out long campaigns, how to avoid over-prepping, how to push through the quagmire, and more.

Note: This episode was recorded on December 23, 2014. Yes, over a year ago.

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Our Guest

Michael Surbrook

Surbrook Stuff

Fantasy Hero Complete

Larger Than Life: Folklore Legends of America (Hero System)

Larger Than Life: Folklore Legends of America (Savage Worlds)

(Note: At the time of recording, Larger Than Life was in the Kickstarter stage of publishing. The Kickstarter was successful and it is out now!)


What We’ve Been Playing

Five Nights at Freddie’s (Darryl)

Pathfinder (Darryl)

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (Ross)

Birthright (Ross)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Shaintar (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Borderlands (Michael)

Ironclaw (Michael)

Fantasy Craft (Michael)

Long Term Campaigns

Shadows Angeles

Gamer’s Tavern Superhero Games

Obsidian Portal

Day in the Life: Gaming the Downtime

Shaintar: Justice and Life

Pathfinder Society

Dungeons & Dragons Adventure League

Shadowrun Missions

Runner Hub


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