Gamer’s Tavern Happy Hour: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Discussion 1

Star Wars Ep VII

This episode, Ross and Darryl talk about the new film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Here there be spoilers, so you have been warned!

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Stormtrooper Nope

There are four movies

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One thought on “Gamer’s Tavern Happy Hour: Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Discussion

  • Tentacle Panther

    My favourite part of C-3PO is that he’s not just a comic relief character, he’s one half of a comic relief duo. What makes it really great is that he’s the straight man to a character that does not speak in any manner the audience can understand.

    I have to disagree with you on one of your points about Kylo Ren. (which I will do my best to keep spoiler -free for the comment section) I don’t think his most significant action is the turning point you make it out to be – I think that is him trying to force the issue, bUT his “self-encouragement” later on shows that he didn’t succeed, that he still doubts.

    That’s not to say I think my opinion is better than yours, this is just what it looks like to me.