Game Table Episode 8: Bull the Ork Decker 1

This episode, the team finds out they’re too hot for anyone to touch them after their high profile runs, so they have to find something to do on their own. Left to their own devices, they’re driven by the guilt of Raef and Sol as they go to the Ork Underground to make amends for the fall-out from the riot they caused.

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One Degree of Separation with Nick Jaworski, the new podcast from the Gamer’s Tavern editor where he interviews one person a step away from him at a time.

Gamemaster: Brandon Gensemer

Raef: Ross Watson

Sol: Jeff Preston

Kat9: Molly

Kyle Herring: Malakai

Darryl Mott Jr.: Babysitter

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One thought on “Game Table Episode 8: Bull the Ork Decker

  • Superterrorizer

    I was worried for a bit there I’d have to apologize to the pixie before the episode dropped. I may be in the minority but I wouldn’t mind a longer podcast with tangents and all the fun stuff that usually happens at a game table, even if it ended up being a few hours and wanders all over the place. You guys make me laugh and it lets the listeners share in the good times. Less editing = Happier Darryl and we all want that. I know he puts crazy effort in getting everything just right and I also know that can interfere with gaming fun and lead to burnout and that’s not cool.