Episode 19: Romance and Gaming, or Critical Hit on my Heart

Are you worried about gaming with your romantic partner? Or maybe you’re looking for that special gamer out there for you? Or hae you found The One, but they’re not into gaming? This special Valentine’s Day edition of Gamer’s Tavern addresses all your concerns about real-life relationships and tabletop gaming! Carrinn Seabolt, Bruce Cordell, and Torah Cottrill join us to talk about relationships.

Note: We were originally going to have Sean Patrick Fannon on this episode as well, but he was too busy to be on our show this week. I’d be upset, except that he was assisting the absolutely amazing charity Doctors Without Borders, and when one of your guests wants to help cure fucking diseases, you let him slide on bailing last minute on your podcast. Go check them out and, if you’re able, please donate to the charity that is saving lives around the world.

And don’t forget our contest! We’re giving away an iPod Shuffle loaded with Gamer’s Tavern episodes, plus a crapload of games!

Listen to the episode to find out how to enter!

This episode is sponsored by Accursed and Audible

Our Guests

Carinn Seabolt

Shaintar Campaign Setting

Drive Thru RPG

Facebook Page (account required)

Shaintar Official Website

Torah Cottrill

By Faerie Light

The Awakened

Bruce Cordell

The Strange

Numenara Bestiary

Monte Cook Games Store

Dungeons & Dragons


What We’ve Been Playing

Borderlands 2 (Torah and Bruce)

Sentinals of the Multiverse (Carrinn)

Accursed (Ross)


Show Notes

Episode 8: Gaming with the Family and Gateway Games

Man Cold (starring Nick Frost)

Terry Brooks’s Shannara headed to TV

Geek Nation Tours

Mutants & Masterminds

Fat Dragon


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