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Gamer’s Tavern Game Table Episode 1: The Kid Counts for Half Cover, Right?

It’s a simple milk run. Keep two corp kids safe when they do something stupid in the Barrens. What could possibly go wrong?

Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. play Raef and Babysitter in the world of Shadowrun, with Gamemaster Brandon Gensemer. For more information about the campaign, check out our website at Gamer’s Tavern for backgrounds, character sheets, and in-character blog posts!

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One comment

  1. Walks-and-Sings says:

    That was A LOT of fun!
    Aside from the breathing being a bit loud, the sound was perfectly OK.

    I`m now in love with Raef and will probably make him an npc in my Amazonia campaign, if Mr. Watson is OK with it.

    Anyways, I`m very happy I stumbled upon The Tavern! Can’t wait to listen to the other sessions!


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