Game Table Ep 4: The Village of Phandalin 2

Gamer’s Tavern plays through the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set adventure. The group makes it to Phandalin to settle up their accounts, learn more about the town, and meet a new ally.


Starter Set

Morgan – Ross Watson

Jovus – Sean Patrick Fannon

Bellianne – Andrea Perez

Magni – Gary Dowling

Crownshield – Robert Scott Sullivan

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2 thoughts on “Game Table Ep 4: The Village of Phandalin

    • Abstruse Post author

      I think there may be one more unreleased session. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues that popped up, we weren’t able to finish the campaign. The same thing happened with our Twitch live stream of this adventure as well. One of these days, I’ll finish that damn adventure…