Episode 28: Alignment, or Ross and Darryl Disagree a Lot Again

Everyone can rattle all nine off the top of their heads. But what do each of the alignments actually mean? Ross and Darryl can’t agree, so how can the gaming community? And do we even need alignments anymore? In this episode, your hosts Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. go it alone as they discuss one of the biggest flamewar igniting topics in gaming – Alignment!

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Ross Watson

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Darryl Mott Jr.

Ain’t It Cool News

Gamer’s Tavern Episode Zero (my apologies for the shitty audio quality)

 What We’ve Been Playing

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Darryl and Ross)

Blood Bowl Video Game (Ross)

Arduin Grimoir (Ross)

Accursed (Ross)

Savage Worlds (Ross)

Champions (Ross)

Cards Against Humanity (Darryl)

Tavern Tales

Shadowrun 3rd Edition

Counter Monkey – The Squirtgun Wars



2014-04-23-20140423Image Copyright Brian Patterson, used with permission


D&D White Box

Advanced D&D 1st Edition

ALIGNMENT-CHART1Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

Vampire: The Masquerade

Star Wars (West End Games)

Star Wars (Wizards of the Coast)

Mouse Guard

Marvel Superheroes

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 23: Super Hero Games, or FASERIP is SFW


Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay


Gamer’s Tavern Episode 20: Forgotten Realms, or Thay Was Cool Until I Blew It Up

Alignment story from 7chan/Reddit


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