Episode One – Why We Love Gaming, aka “I want to be charming”

Welcome to the Gamer’s Tavern. On the first official episode of You All Meet in a Tavern, your hosts Darryl Mott Jr. and Ross Watson discuss what it is exactly about gaming that draws us to the hobby. Our guests this evening are Bruce Cordell (legendary game designer of many Dungeons & Dragons products including the second best module ever according to ENWorld, The Sunless Citadel), John Kovalic (cartoonist for Dork Tower, artist for Munchkin and Apples to Apples, and designer of ROFL!), and Torah Cottrill (author and former line editor for Wizards of the Coast).

This Week’s Links:

Dork Tower by John Kovalic

Bruce Cordell’s Homepage

Torah Cottrill’s blog

Our sponsor this week is Melior Via, who are Kickstartingthe Savage Worlds campaign setting Accursed until October 13th. “It’s like someone slipped Ravenloft some PCP.” – Abstruse, Ain’t It Cool News Check them out at http://www.accursedrpg.com/

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