Tidying up

Okay, there’s been some confusion based on the title of the podcast and the website not matching, so after some research and a bit of work, we’re cleaning house. Welcome officially to the Gamer’s Tavern Podcast!!

In addition, I’m also going to step back a bit in my on-air role on the program. I’m sure all of our listeners have come to the same realization that I have in that Ross Watson just knocks it out of the fucking park in terms of being the on-air host. So effective with the next episode, Ross Watson will be the host of Gamer’s Tavern and I’m going to officially become the Engineer (role I was already filling anyway). Don’t worry, I’ll still be around on the show to throw my two coppers in, but Ross will be taking lead on the podcast itself.

Finally, starting with the next episode as well, we’re getting an audio upgrade as well. I’ve gotten access to some really good audio editing tools and…have you ever noticed an odd hum in the background of the episodes? Yeah, that’s my air conditioning. I try to knock it out but it can be difficult to eliminate it entirely. What can I say, I live in Texas. But I’ve obtained some new audio equipment and, based on our recordings so far, that problem has been eliminated. Not only will this make our episodes sound even better, but it should also reduce file sizes.

So sit back and enjoy the new and improved Gamer’s Tavern!

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