Episode 35: Sexism and Gaming, or Don’t Be Part of the Problem

Chainmail bikinis, cosplayer harassment, lack of female protagonists, and more. Gaming culture has many issues regarding sexism and in Part One of our episode on Sexism, Feminism, and Gaming; we identify the problem areas that make women feel excluded, marginalized, uncomfortable, or even fearful.

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Our Guests

Carinn Seabolt

Evil Beagle Games

Jennifer Baughman

World’s Largest Dungeon

Seventh Seas

Jazmine and Andrea

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What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Torg (Ross, Jennifer)

Savage Worlds (Ross, Jennifer, Carinn)

FATE (Jennifer, Carinn)

Atomic Robo (Jennifer)

13th Age (Jennifer)

Night’s Black Agents (Jennifer)

Conspiracy X (Jennifer)

Shaintar (Carinn)

Justice and Life (Carinn)

Cards Against Humanity (Darryl)

Gears of Wars Board Game (Jazmine)

Watchdogs (Andrea)

Grand Theft Auto V (Andrea)

Champions Complete (Ross)

Red Dragon Inn (Ross)


Sexism and Gaming

Ubisoft Says Women Are Too Hard for Assassins Creed

Nintendo and Gay Relationships

Exalted Camel Toe (Savant and Sorcerers)

Realistic Female Armor

GenCon Offensive Booth (Trigger Warnings)

On Mighty Thews post on artwork


Early Star Trek Online advertisement

Sex Doesn’t Sell

Carl’s Jr Mystique Ad



Dork Tower Fake Geek Girl comics

DorkTower1118a DorkTower1182b




Cracked on the Men’s Rights Movement

Posthuman Studios Fires MRAs


Dickwolves Comic (Trigger Warning)

Timeline of the Incident

Mike’s New Year’s Resolution


MRA Shooting


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