Episode 39: Gaming Rites of Passage, or Orange Juice Carton to the Head

Gaming luminaries Chris Pramas and Sean Patrick Fannon join us to talk about those shared experiences all gamers have. From the first time you played, your first set of dice, your first time behind the DM screen, and the first time you lose a character. Remember running into That Guy? Or that first time you realized you were speaking a foreign language? We’re talking about all those old memories and those milestones that new gamers have to look forward to.

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Our Guests

Chris Pramas

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Green Ronin

Dragon Age

Love 2 Hate (Funded, but the Kickstarter has ended)

A Song of Ice and Fire

Dragon Age Tabletop Episode

Sean Patrick Fannon

Evil Beagle Games


Savage Worlds

Sean’s Pick of the Day

What We’ve been Playing Lately

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl, Ross, Sean, Chris)

The Emerald Spire Superdungeon (Darryl)

Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (Darryl)

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Chris)

Pathfinder (Chris)

Savage Worlds (Sean)

Shaintar (Sean)

Birthright (Ross, Sean)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Ross, Sean)

Gaming Rites of Passage

“The Price of Failure” by Ross Watson

Shadows Angelus campaign blog

Dragon Magazine

Gygax Magazine

Shadis Magazine


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