First Anniversary Special: It Is NOT Just a Game

The Gamer’s Tavern is celebrating its first anniversary! We’re bringing back one of our most popular topics, Gaming Horror Stories! Those funny (even if in hindsight) stories of gaming gone wrong. We also have a major announcement at the end of the episode, so stick around!

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Evil Beagle Games: The publishers of the epic fantasy campaign setting for Shaintar! Bad dog, good games!

Drive Thru RPG: The largest source online for digital copies of your favorite games.

One Degree with Nick: Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time.

Our Guests

Sheena Colbath


Hotels for ChupababraCon

D3 Adventures


Sean Patrick Fannon


Evil Beagle Games

Sean’s Pick of the Day

Fantasy Roleplaying Gamer’s Bible

Kickstarter for Last Parsec





Anniversary Special


Episode Shout-Outs

Edition Wars Part 1

Edition Wars Part 2





Horror Story Games

Savage Worlds

Dungeons & Dragons

Dark Heresey



Black Crusade

Fantasy HERO

Firefly RPG


Knights of the Dinner Table


Star Wars: Edge of the Empire

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: Force and Destiny

Call of Cthulhu

Where the Deep Ones Are

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