Episode 6: Technology and Gaming, or “Instant Game Publisher, Just Add Kickstarter!”

Modern technology is changing the gaming world one app and social media page at a time. Jesse Scoble (designer on Silver Age Sentinels and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying) joins us to discuss how our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the internet are all changing the industry and our gaming table. The Gods of the Digital Age tried to stop this episode from reaching your ears, causing a few audio issues, but we managed to wrest the recording from their grasp and get it to you! Welcome to the Gamer’s Tavern.

Jesse Scoble

Wizard 101

Silver Age Sentinels


City of Heroes

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Amber Diceless

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

Jolly Blackburn’s con set-up


Chessex Pound of Dice

Eclipse Phase

Adam Jury’s blog post about Creative Commons, Piracy, and it’s benefit to Eclipse Phase

Golem Arcana

Lords of Waterdeep App Announcement

Magic: The Gathering Online

Mechwarrior Tactics


Glory to Rome Kickstarter causes creator Ed Carter to lose his house

Drive Thru RPG

Dork Tower Kickstarter 2

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