Episode 6: Technology and Gaming, or “Instant Game Publisher, Just Add Kickstarter!” 5

Modern technology is changing the gaming world one app and social media page at a time. Jesse Scoble (designer on Silver Age Sentinels and A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying) joins us to discuss how our smartphones, tablets, laptops, and the internet are all changing the industry and our gaming table. The Gods of the Digital Age tried to stop this episode from reaching your ears, causing a few audio issues, but we managed to wrest the recording from their grasp and get it to you! Welcome to the Gamer’s Tavern.

Jesse Scoble

Wizard 101

Silver Age Sentinels


City of Heroes

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

Amber Diceless

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow

Jolly Blackburn’s con set-up


Chessex Pound of Dice

Eclipse Phase

Adam Jury’s blog post about Creative Commons, Piracy, and it’s benefit to Eclipse Phase

Golem Arcana

Lords of Waterdeep App Announcement

Magic: The Gathering Online

Mechwarrior Tactics


Glory to Rome Kickstarter causes creator Ed Carter to lose his house

Drive Thru RPG

Dork Tower Kickstarter 2

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5 thoughts on “Episode 6: Technology and Gaming, or “Instant Game Publisher, Just Add Kickstarter!”

  • Andrew Betts

    Hey just wanted to let you know Paizo sells all kinds of PDFs, it does not have to Pathfinder only. Also I will note that you can release gaming books on the Kindle in mobi format and ePub (nook store). I’ve done the conversion of The Demolished Ones from PDF to mobi/ePub and will be working on the conversion of Lords of Gossamer and Shadows for Rite Publishing.

    • Abstruse Post author

      We went into some detail about the differences between mobi and epub formats on the podcast, but I cut it because, frankly, it was fucking boring. Basically just me lecturing. While it’s possible to do an RPG release on Amazon, it’s not ideal by any stretch. One big concern is needing to make sure your art works as well in color as in black and white for people like me who still have older Kindles. I’m glad you were able to make it work for you.

      Glad to hear that Paizo does sell PDFs other than their owns. I did a search before we recorded, but I couldn’t find any other than first-party Pathfinder ones, so I hope that I made it clear on the podcast what I was saying about Paizo was an assumption rather than a truth. Thanks for the info!

  • Jason

    I have enjoyed your shows, you are off to a great start! Please keep up the good work!
    I think you did a decent job covering the basics of this topic as you can easily fill a number of shows on it. I would like to point out two other sources for gaming PDFs, Steve Jackson Games’ e23 and Lulu. I’m not sure how comparable they are to Drivethrurpg in pricing and options for the game publisher but they may be worth checking out. I agree that even though Drivethrurpg isn’t the only choice it is definitely the first place people look.