Episode 5: The Crane Lube Job 1

Welcome to the Sixth World. The team has made their plans, and now it’s time to see if they pay off! The group is sneaking into an Ares building under construction to destroy a crane for Big Bob from Big Bob’s Autos. Will the protest (that will probably turn into a riot) help them or get in the way? Find out on Gamer’s Tavern Game Table

Sponsor: Hero Lab, the award winning character management software from Lone Wolf Development

Affiliate Sponsor: Animation Celebration, the premier convention for cartoons, anime, gaming, comics, and more in the Dallas/Ft. Word Area THIS WEEKEND!

GM: Brandon Gensemer

Raef: Ross Watson

Sol: Jeff Preston

Kat9: Reaver

Kyle Herring: Malakai

Darryl Mott Jr.: Babysitter


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One thought on “Episode 5: The Crane Lube Job

  • Superterrorizer

    Now this…this felt like a Shadowrun. The outcome decided by the knife edge of a die roll and a kind GM. I’m sure it’s all a set-up for some extra pain down the road. The beauty of Shadowrun being we can see what happens when a pixie tangles with a roto-drone with a sniper rifle hardpoint and Sharpshooter autsofts. Very few games offer us this chance. A writer has to suffer to be great, after all.
    In all seriousness , some of the best RP I’ve run across for Shadowrun with more than a few laughs from me as I worked .Excellent work, excellent podcast. I’m glad you decided to do an actual play cast after hearing you talk about Shadowrun in Ep 7 and hearing how much you dug the setting. Keep it up Guys, it’s a great group that doesn’t talk all over each other and gets along very well and understands the setting and it really comes through when listening. Nice editing/audio leveling as well, a rarity in actual play podcasts. If you are someone wondering about a Shadowrun Actual Play podcast, this one is absolutely worth your time.