Episode 24: Creating Interesting PCs, or Blue Glow of Player-Characterhood

What makes a character fun to play? We go over all the tricks to make your PCs more interesting, dynamic, and fun. Award winning author Elizabeth Bear and award winning Writer/Producer/Actress Joanna Gaskell join award willing game designer Ross Watson and…just Darryl Mott Jr. to discuss how to create player characters that not only make the game more fun for you, but also for the other players and gamemaster.


Special Announcement: Ross Watson along with friends of the show Sean Patrick Fannon and Carinn Seabolt have started a Go Fund Me campaign to relocate to Denver, CO! Support them at this link to get some amazing gaming rewards!


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Our Guests

Joanna Gaskell

Standard Action

Starlit Citadel

Joanna’s website


Elizabeth Bear

Elizabeth’s Website

Matociquala Tumblr

Amazon Author Page

The Eternal Sky Trilogy: Steles of the Sky

Shadow Unit

Zombies Run


What We’ve Been Playing

Pathfinder (Joanna, Elizabeth)

Dungeon World (Joanna)

FATE (Joanna)

Torchbearer (Joanna)

Fiasco (Joanna)

Call of Cthulhu (Elizabeth)

Shadowrun (Darryl, Ross)

Torg (Ross)


Our Topic: Player Characters

Amber Diceless

Shadowrun 20 Questions (Reproduced on Dumpshock)

Darryl’s Shadowrun Character Backstory

Central Casting: Heroes of Legend

Burning Wheel




West End Games Star Wars

Rogue Trader


Cortex System

Call of Cthulhu

Fantasy Hero

Iron Kingdoms

Gamer’s Tavern: Edition Wars Are Bullshit

The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon

TV Tropes

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