Gamer’s Tavern Gen Con Special: It’s Sunday

We spent the weekend at Gen Con, the largest gaming convention in the world! Here’s what we saw, did, played, and more!

Please note there’s no intro or outro on this episode as Darryl has come down with the most delayed case of con crud ever and can barely see straight.

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Our Guests

Michael Surbrook

HERO Games

Kazai 5

Larger Than Life: Adventures in American Folklore

 Mr. Johnson and Vox

The Arcology Podcast

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By the way, let’s get this out of the way now since it’s going to come up repeatedly: Our first Shadowrun episode.

GEN CON 2014

What We Played

Shadowrun (Vox, Mr. Johnson)

Earthdawn 4th Edition (Mr. Johnson)

Tales of the Floating Vagabond (Michael)

Terracide (Michael)

Shadows Angelus (Michael, Ross)

Red Dragon Inn (Michael)

Hackmaster (Darryl)

The Great Dalmuti (Darryl)

Accursed (Ross)

Gravstrike (Ross)


The Convention



Outbreak: Deep Space

Shane Hensley


Robotech RPG Tactics

Gamer’s Tavern Episode 30: Convention Survival Guide

First Exposure

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