Episode 57: Superhero Games Part 2, or Tapioca Showers

We revisit the topic of superhero roleplaying games. The overlap between Western comic book fans and tabletop gamers, it’s no surprise that superhero games are one of the largest genres of roleplaying games out there. We’ve talked about the different games in Episode 23, but how do you play and run a superhero game? And what impact have the games had on the industry at large?

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Our Guest

Michael Surbrook

Surbrook’s Stuff

Fantasy HERO Complete

Strike Force

Larger than Life


Superhero Games

Strike Force Kickstarter

HERO System


Mutants & Masterminds


Marvel Heroic Roleplay (Note: It does use the Cortex Plus system, though highly modified. So Ross and I were wrong.)

Justice Machine

DC Adventures

Necessary Evil

Wild Talents


Villains & Vigilantes


Monkey House Legal Defense Fund

BAMF Podcast (Ross and Michael recorded with them along with Steve Kenson about Strike Force just before recording this episode. That episode should be up next week.)


Declaration: This episode spends a lot of time talking about Strike Force. Ross Watson (host and producer on Gamer’s Tavern) and Michael Surbrook (co-host of our Keep on the Borderlands 2 live stream) are both heavily involved in the new edition of Strike Force being Kickstarted and Gamer’s Tavern is involved as a backer reward level. Gamer’s Tavern Media has not been compensated and receives no funds from the Strike Force crowdfunding efforts.


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