Game Table Episode 3: The Carrot and the Stick 5

On the trail of Sarah Patagonia, the team is surrounded by members of the Funky Fresh gang, both exits blocked by purple, teal, and shotguns. How is the team going to escape? And once they do, how are they going to deliver the cybered elf to the dapper troll Jenkins? And will she be standing or in a body bag? Find out on this episode of Gamer’s Tavern Game Table!

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Sponsor: Animation Celebration in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area March 28-30, 2014

Jeff Preston – Sol, the street doc mage

Kyle Herring – Malakai, the elf face

Kat9 – Reaver, the genetic experiment

Darryl Mott Jr. – Babysitter, the bodyguard

Brandon Gensemer – The GM

Speaking of, Kyle Herring provided us with a quick biography about himself and his character!

Your name and personal biography: Kyle Herring a.k.a Vampyrik (game handle). Gamer since I could walk. Fairly new to Shadowrun (about 4 months total play time, mostly 5th). Current hobby is my EVE Online addiction

Your character’s name and description/attitude/archetype/role/etc.? Malakai 5’7 Caucasian Elf, short blonde hair purposely made to look slightly disheveled. Generally a nice . guy, and cares more about making more contacts to further his network than nuyen (still wants to get paid though). Can be rather vicious if people he considers friends are in danger/hurt. Malakai is the face of the party, and prefers to talk his way out of things than fight.

Your character’s backstory. Malakai entered the shadows as a way to make ends meet. His goal was to get the band he plays with making enough  nuyen to cover expenses so that they could work on music full-time, but that has not happened yet. Due to further issues, mainly faulty wiring at The Shack, most of their gear was ruined. He figured running the shadows would pay out a bit more than working the register at the Stuffer Shack, and might help to resupply some of the equipment that was lost. His band mates don’t know anything about his “side” activities, and he intends to leave them out of it.

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5 thoughts on “Game Table Episode 3: The Carrot and the Stick

  • Rose Corabett

    I just found your podcast, and im loving it! I found it because I was looking for shadowrun actual plays. Any reason way you guys went with 4th edition SR instead of 5th? If you answered this in a previous episode, I apologize ive just not gotten to it yet. Anyways thanks for a great podcast and keep up the shadowrun episodes:)

    • Abstruse Post author

      Because it’s the edition all of us (except Kyle) know the best collectively. Plus some of the character concepts can’t be made in SR5 yet due to lack of books. At least two or three pieces of cyber in Babysitter that are core to his concept aren’t out yet, and Raef’s Pixie race isn’t available yet. Shadowrun is an odd game where even when a new edition comes out, it’s not really “complete” until you have at least four sourcebooks out – Advanced rules and extra equipment for Magic, Matrix, Combat/Guns, and Cyberware. We may switch editions later on when all the books are out, but that’s something we’ll decide later on.

      • Rose Corabett

        Thats completely understandable, we just started a 5th edition game with our group, im GM, and ive alright pulled a bunch of stuff up from older edition and just did a “house rule” update them to 5th ed. See I played 3rd edition SR and loved it! I turned my nose up at 4th when it came out to be honest I was one of those “edition war” people.

    • Abstruse Post author

      For that, you’ll have to ask the GM Brandon. It’s certainly possible, and we’ve even advocated stealing from popular culture for your home games many times on the podcast.