Episode 30: Convention Survival Guide, or Don’t Take Pics in the Walkway

There are more conventions than ever, and they’re getting bigger every year. Isn’t it time you go to a con? Tom Lommel, the man behind Bill Cavalier the Dungeon Bastard and Grady Elliot join us to talk about how to survive your first (or thirtieth) convention. Where should you stay? What do you need to bring? How do you meet up with people? Find out all the answers in this week’s Gamer’s Tavern!

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Animation Celebration Galveston – This July 4-6 in Galveston, TX, meet Ross and Darryl in person, along with Gamer’s Tavern guests Robert J Schwalb, Ivan Van Norman, Darrell Hardy, and many more!

Our Guests

Grady Elliot


Blackwyrm Publishing

Tom Lommel

Bill Cavalier, Dungeon Bastard

Dungeon Bastard YouTube Channel

Dungeon Bastard on Twitter

Dungeon Bastard on Facebook

Fear of Girls

Convention Survival Guide


Whatsapp (Chat/texting)

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Uber (Ridesharing)

AirBnB (Room rental)

Cons We’re Attending

Comicpalooza in Houston, TX, May 23-26 (Ross and Darryl)

Berserkon in Duluth, MN, June 6-8 (Tom as Bill Cavalier, Dungeon Bastard)

Animation Celebration in Galveston, TX, July 4-6 (Ross and Darryl)

GenCon in Indianapolis, IN, August 14-17 (Everyone)

Game Hole Con in Madison, WI, November 7-9 (Tom as Bill Cavalier, Dungeon Bastard)

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