Gamer’s Tavern History Check: Steve Jackson Games v Secret Service

I cannot stress enough that as absurd as this episode gets, this actually happened. The Secret Service raided Steve Jackson Games because they thought the GURPS Cyberpunk sourcebook was a real-life hacker manual.

Find out more about the raid and lawsuit including copies of legal documents from

Find out more about the raid plus the overall law enforcement efforts in the early 1990s against hackers called “Operation Sundevil” in the book The Hacker Crackdown by Bruce Sterling at

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Clip from the film Hackers is copyright 1995 United Artists, MGM, used under Fair Use (also they didn’t bother to credit Blankenship when they read out his work so I figure turnabout is fair play)

The Gamer’s Tavern Theme Song is “Faked Reality” by Melodic in Fusion, used with permission.

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