Have an amazing idea that’s too niche or too original to make it through the gatekeepers at the publishers? Whether it’s a game, a novel, or something else: Publish it yourself! Learn how to do just that, the strengths and challenges of self-publishing, and how to get your product to […]

Episode 36: Self Publishing, or Making a Throne of Books

Chainmail bikinis, cosplayer harassment, lack of female protagonists, and more. Gaming culture has many issues regarding sexism and in Part One of our episode on Sexism, Feminism, and Gaming; we identify the problem areas that make women feel excluded, marginalized, uncomfortable, or even fearful. Affiliate Sponsors Drive Thru RPG: Your […]

Episode 35: Sexism and Gaming, or Don’t Be Part of ...

Gamer’s Tavern turns to the Dark Side! Want to play evil but are worried about the players turning into murderbunnies? Or dissolving into PvP chaos? We talk about how to use evil player characters and even entire evil parties and still tell great stories and have fun. Affiliate Sponsors Accursed […]

Episode 34: Evil Player Characters, or We Have Cookies

A message from a friend thought lost hits Sol’s comm and sends the team out to take on the 2070’s biggest spin artists. Gamer’s Tavern Game Table is brought to you by: Hero Labs, the award winning character management program from Lone Wolf Development. Affiliate Sponsors: Drive Thru RPG: The largest […]

Game Table Episode 11: What’s on the Horizon?

Sometimes you make the saving throw, sometimes you don’t. Why is the risk of death important in a game? How should you use death in your games? How do you cope when your favorite character dies? Can a game be fun if your character can’t die? Nathan Dowdell and Lee […]

Episode 33: Character Death, or Punch a Superhero in the ...

Convention Season is upon us! Want to play games at a convention but don’t know what to expect? Or are you running a game and want it to be more awesome? Bill Keyes and Robert Dorf visit the Gamer’s Tavern to discuss the finer points of gaming at conventions. Affiliate […]

Episode 32: Surviving Convention Games, or Bring a Taser to ...

What happens when there’s not a run going on? A good shadowrunner follows up on the last run and prepares for the next. A good GM plants a crapload of plot seeds! This episode is everything we did between the last episode and the new run next week, roleplayed out […]

Game Table Episode 10: Downtime

Guest William Thrasher from Skirmisher Publishing and the d-Infinity magazine and podcast join us we recap our experiences at Comicpalooza! The games, the food, the parties, and more! Note: The first hour of this recording was lost due to a technical malfunction.Most of what was discussed got recapped after Will […]

Gamer’s Tavern Comicpalooza Special 2014

The first annual State of the Industry episode with guests Shane Hensley and Brandon Gensemer. This episode, we talk about where the industry is, where it’s going, and where we think it should go. This episode recorded before the big announcements from Wizards of the Coast, but our points still […]

Episode 31: The State of the Industry 2014, or A ...

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Happy Birthday Ross!

The team’s made it through the Ork Underground alive after causing the race riots two weeks ago, and now they’re getting their assignment from Bull: Humanis. Deal with them. What is Humanis up to that has Bull more concerned than usual? How will the team “deal with them”? And what […]

Game Table Episode 9: Molly Sleepy

So the new edition of D&D is coming out and the preorder links are up on Amazon. If you have a friendly local gaming store near you, please make sure to support them with your purchases. If you’re going to purchase through Amazon, though, you can help support the Gamer’s […]

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