What happens when there’s not a run going on? A good shadowrunner follows up on the last run and prepares for the next. A good GM plants a crapload of plot seeds! This episode is everything we did between the last episode and the new run next week, roleplayed out […]

Game Table Episode 10: Downtime

Guest William Thrasher from Skirmisher Publishing and the d-Infinity magazine and podcast join us we recap our experiences at Comicpalooza! The games, the food, the parties, and more! Note: The first hour of this recording was lost due to a technical malfunction.Most of what was discussed got recapped after Will […]

Gamer’s Tavern Comicpalooza Special 2014

The first annual State of the Industry episode with guests Shane Hensley and Brandon Gensemer. This episode, we talk about where the industry is, where it’s going, and where we think it should go. This episode recorded before the big announcements from Wizards of the Coast, but our points still […]

Episode 31: The State of the Industry 2014, or A ...

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Happy Birthday Ross!

The team’s made it through the Ork Underground alive after causing the race riots two weeks ago, and now they’re getting their assignment from Bull: Humanis. Deal with them. What is Humanis up to that has Bull more concerned than usual? How will the team “deal with them”? And what […]

Game Table Episode 9: Molly Sleepy

So the new edition of D&D is coming out and the preorder links are up on Amazon. If you have a friendly local gaming store near you, please make sure to support them with your purchases. If you’re going to purchase through Amazon, though, you can help support the Gamer’s […]

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There are more conventions than ever, and they’re getting bigger every year. Isn’t it time you go to a con? Tom Lommel, the man behind Bill Cavalier the Dungeon Bastard and Grady Elliot join us to talk about how to survive your first (or thirtieth) convention. Where should you stay? […]

Episode 30: Convention Survival Guide, or Don’t Take Pics in ...

This episode, Darryl talks about the lawsuit filed by Wizards of the Coast against Cryptozoic over their online card game, Hex: Shards of Fate, explaining the various aspects of the lawsuit and predicting how it may turn out. The story from The Escapist Wizards of the Coast Press Release The […]

Gamer’s Tavern Happy Hour: Wizards of the Coast v Cryptozoic

This episode, the team finds out they’re too hot for anyone to touch them after their high profile runs, so they have to find something to do on their own. Left to their own devices, they’re driven by the guilt of Raef and Sol as they go to the Ork […]

Game Table Episode 8: Bull the Ork Decker

Say any of these races, classes, clans, builds, backgrounds, or archetypes online and you will be deluged with hate. Why is it everyone thinks bards suck, or Kender are too annoying to let live? And is it possible to redeem these characters? Colorado Area Gamers! There is an awesome charity […]

Episode 29: Character Types We Love to Hate, or The ...

Everyone can rattle all nine off the top of their heads. But what do each of the alignments actually mean? Ross and Darryl can’t agree, so how can the gaming community? And do we even need alignments anymore? In this episode, your hosts Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. go […]

Episode 28: Alignment, or Ross and Darryl Disagree a Lot ...

The Halloweeners are squaring up against the team as they head to clear out the Squatter Mall. Everyone’s tense and just waiting for the balloon to go up. Is a firefight going to happen? And will it be enough to send the Halloweeners packing, or will the team have to […]

Game Table Episode 7: We Don’t Need No Water