Shortcut to the Gaming Industry

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it’s the ones I’ve found after a couple of days digging around. What are these links? Submission guidelines for various game companies. If you have an idea you’d love to turn into a game product and want to go the traditional route, this will tell you how to approach the company.

Wizards of the Coast

Paizo’s FAQ

Steve Jackson Games

Fantasy Flight Games

Catalyst Game Labs

Green Ronin

Kenzer Co.

Palladium (link goes to the form for unsolicited submissions, there are other submission guidelines under About)

Privateer Press


Onyx Path

An RPGnet thread from this year going over many other companies

Basically, you’ll want to go to the About, Contact Us, or FAQ section of their website. If they don’t have submission guidelines on their website, ask them for them via email before you submit to them! Double-check your spelling and grammar before submitting and be professional without being stuffy. Read around online to make sure you understand the company and their products and make sure you’ll be a good fit. Like we said on the podcast, going to Wizards of the Coast, you’re going to be part of Hasbro which is a large corporation and has a more corporate-like vibe. Going to a smaller company, you’re working from home and maybe getting on a Skype call a couple times a year. Good luck!

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