Episode 25: Crowdfunding, or No More Cthulhu Zombie Games!

Crowdfunding is the great equalizer of our time. How can you back projects without getting burned? How do you launch your own project and make sure it’s successful? Guests Jamey Stegmaier and Mack Martin join us to discuss crowdfunding and gaming. The tips to make your Kickstarter stand out from the crowd, how to tell the flops from the potential goldmines, and more on this episode of the Gamer’s Tavern.

Jamey Stegmaier

Tuscany Expansion Kickstarter (ENDING SOON!! Back now!!)

Stonemaier Games



Mack Martin


Black Wyrm Publishing


Through the Breach

What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Kemet (Jamey)

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Ross, Darryl)

AD&D 2nd Edition (Darryl’s Friend)

TORG using Savage Worlds rules (Ross)

Champions (Ross)


Cracked: 5 Crucial Rules of Every Game (Not Found in Any Rulebook)




Indie Go Go

Go Fund Me

Ross Watson and Sean Patrick Fannon have a Go Fund Me up right now to relocate to Denver!


Tuscany Expansion Kickstarter


Malifaux: Through the Breach

CORRECTION: The Doom that Came to Atlantic City was rescued by Cryptozoic, NOT Cool Mini or Not.

The Forking Path and Doom that Came to Atlantic City

Far West Adventure Game


Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. will be attending Comicpalooza on May 23-26 in Houston, TX.


Music from the Drive Thru RPG ad is “Tavern Brawl (Demo)” by Save or Die, Copyright 2013 all rights reserved. Music from the Accursed ad is “

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