Episode 26: How to Get Started in Role Playing Games

You’re interested in role playing games, but not sure where to get started? Ivan Van Norman and Mark Carroll join us to help you find a group, pick a first game, and introduce gaming to your friends. We also give many tips for starting gamers!

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Ivan Van Norman

King of the Nerds

Outbreak Undead

Saving Throw

Outbreak Deep Space



Mark Carroll

D3 Adventures

Seventh Sea

World’s Largest Dungeon

Infinite Dungeon


What We’ve Been Playing

FATE Core (Mark)

TORG under Savage Worlds (Mark, Ross)

Pathfinder (Ross, Ivan)

Champions (Ross)

Shadowrun 4th Edition (Ross, Darryl)

Dark Heresy (Ivan)


Getting Started in Gaming

Before we get into the breakdown of the episode, I wanted to give you a quick shopping list.

Pathfinder Beginner’s Box – The single greatest tool for new players. The box has everything you need right away to not only start playing, but keep playing for several sessions before you even need to think about upgrading to the Pathfinder Core Rulebook

Drive Thru RPG Quickstarts – Free PDF downloads of some of the most popular roleplaying games on the market meant specifically to introduce new players to the game.

Pound of Dice – This product is one of my favorite recommendations for groups looking to get their own dice cheaply. You’ll only get one matched set and some of the dice may be odd (even for RPG dice), but there’s no cheaper way to make sure there’s plenty of dice for the entire group.

Now with that out of the way, here’s links to the things we mentioned on the show.

Community “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”

Community “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”

Big Bang Theory “The Santa Simulation”

Big Bang Theory “The Love Spell Potential”

The IT Crowd “Gen the Fredo”

Freaks and Geeks Complete Series (Sorry, there wasn’t a legal streaming option for the episode “Discos and Dragons”)

Ross’s Blog Post on Being a Good Player

RPGNet Gaming Gatherins

ENWorld Gamers Seeking Gamers

Giants in the Playground Finding Players


World of Darkness

Dungeons & Dragons


On Mighty Thews

FATE Accelerated


13th Age

Pathfinder Beginner’s Box


Outbreak Undead


D&D Encounters

Pathfinder Society

Edge of the Empire

Savage Worlds

Dungeon World


Free RPG Day

Drive Thru RPG Free Downloads


Super Dungeon Explore

Roll 20


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