Episode 31: The State of the Industry 2014, or A Rising Tide Floats All Boats

The first annual State of the Industry episode with guests Shane Hensley and Brandon Gensemer. This episode, we talk about where the industry is, where it’s going, and where we think it should go. This episode recorded before the big announcements from Wizards of the Coast, but our points still stand.

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One Degree of Separation with Nick Jaworski, the new podcast from the Gamer’s Tavern editor where he interviews one person a step away from him at a time.

In other news, Sean Patrick Fannon also has a new website, Sean’s Pick of the Day, powered by Gamer’s Tavern! Go check it out for daily gaming goodness!

Also, don’t forget our host Ross Watson and former/future guests Sean Patrick Fannon and Carinn Seabolt have a GoFundMe up right now to help them move to Colorado!

Shane Hensley


Savage Worlds

X-Box Originals: Deadlands

East Texas University Kickstarter

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What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Shadowrun 5th Edition (Brandon)

Pathfinder (Brandon)

Darksouls 2 (Brandon)

Trials Fusion (Brandon)

Savage Worlds (Shane)

Weird Wars Rome (Shane)

Settlers of Catan (Darryl)

Arduin (Ross)

Champions Complete (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross) Echelon Division Fleet if you want to find him

The State of the Industry 2014


Forbes Game Reporting

Evil Hat Sales Figures

Pathfinder Release Schedule

CORRECTION: It is the Advanced Class Guide coming out at GenCon. The Advanced Race Guide came out a couple of years ago.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion

Star Wars Beginner’s Box controversy blog (by a former ENnie judge, and the comments have a current ENnie judge and a really good discussion that’s safe to read)

“What is Happening to Tabletop RPGs” from PAX Prime with Mike Mearls, Ryan Dancey, and others

Shaintar Justice and Life


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