Why I’m Doing This Podcast

I talked a little bit about this in Episode Zero, “Pilot”, but I wanted to go into a little more detail. It’s also been at least 2 1/2 liters of bourbon since I edited the episode, so I can’t remember which points I talked about. I also talked about it in my announcement post (which is much easier to reference), talking about my drive to do more editorial-based content. Then there’s the entertainment value of telling stories about gaming. But after recording a full episode and thinking about the next few episodes, I’ve come to a conclusion.

Gaming can be very complex. From the nuts and bolts of game mechanics and design to philosophical discussions about theme and content to analysis of gaming culture, there are a lot of topics to cover. You can take some very intricate and nuanced topics and have enough room to get some very broad discussions that cover a lot of ground. One thing I hope this podcast accomplishes is really digging into these topics and exploring them.

I crave a greater understanding of these concepts, and for me, discussions are the best way I learn. Someone shares something, I ask questions, I learn. I share something, someone asks me questions, I learn from the questions asked. Or someone refutes me and I learn from their arguments, even if I don’t agree. And the odd thing is, I can learn even by listening to other people have those discussions, which is why I myself listen to many podcasts.

Hopefully, some of you are interested in exploring these topics as well and we can all experience new revelations about them as well.


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