Reason for the delays

Darryl here. I was doing so well for a while. Getting at least one if not two episodes of the show up every week (including our special premium content). However, I’ve had a health scare recently. At the start of the month, I injured my back. This caused me intense pain and made editing a problem due to focus issues. Just as that was almost healed…I was hospitalized for two days with a heart issue. And all the moving around reinjured my back on top of the issues of my heartrate hitting 180BPM. For those who haven’t experienced it, getting your heart shocked back into proper rhythm fucking sucks.

However, I’m on the way to recovery and the current delay is getting used to my current medication. I hope to have a shorter episode up later this afternoon (with guest Justin Gary talking about card games) and the March premium content episode up by the end of this week. I’m also going to pick back up with negotiations with a few other parties about new programming to bring to Gamer’s Tavern, so hopefully we will have announcements about that by the end of the month.

This has been a very rough year for me personally and I thank all of you for your patience as I work to get Gamer’s Tavern back on track. I also would like to thank my producers, Ross Watson and Brandon Gensemer, for their patience as well in dealing with me while all this has gone on.

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