Episode 60: Mike Pondsmith

Legendary game designer Mike Pondsmith joins us to talk about his illustrious career in the gaming industry, from Mekton to Cyberpunk to Teenagers from Outer Space and far, far more and how Mike managed to hit every major pop culture trend before it made it big. Mecha, cyberpunk, anime, steampunk, and more, Mike was there creating games just as the trend started.

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Our Guest

Mike Pondsmith

R Talsorian Games



Castle Falkenstein

Teenagers from Outer Space


Dragonball Z


What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Here Kitty Kitty (Darryl)

Pathfinder (Mike)

Dungeons & Dragons 5e (Mike, Ross)

Mekton (Mike)

Amber (Mike)

Firefly (Mike)

Out of the Abyss (Ross)

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (Ross)

Mike Pondsmith

Team Four Star

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