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From Conan to Elric to Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser to Thieves’ World, the stories of sword and sorcery fantasy have been seminal in defining fantasy gaming. But what about the games based on those stories? What makes the genre different than other types of fantasy gaming? What kind of stories […]

Episode 58: Sword and Sorcery Games

We revisit the topic of superhero roleplaying games. The overlap between Western comic book fans and tabletop gamers, it’s no surprise that superhero games are one of the largest genres of roleplaying games out there. We’ve talked about the different games in Episode 23, but how do you play and […]

Episode 57: Superhero Games Part 2, or Tapioca Showers

UPDATE: This episode has now been uploaded with the break music removed. Gamer’s Tavern Game Table Shadowrun live stream. This episode, the team finishes the cleanup of their last run, realizes that stealing a bunch of trucks for the UCAS military means they need to GTFO of Seattle, finds a new […]

Game Table Shadowrun: Plot Resistance Episode 6

We’ve got another episode of Plot Resistance here! This episode, the group finishes their legwork on stealing the shipment of military humvees with a plan that involves the Halloweeners, a barroom encounter with a bar full of soldiers, a seduction, sneaking onto a high security military base, and a lot […]

Game Table Shadowrun Season 2: Plot Resistance Episode 5

Dating back to the 1930s, Lankhmar may have the oldest pedigree as a gaming setting of all time. Evolving from wargames and eventually becoming a setting for Dungeons & Dragons, Runequest, and Savage Worlds, Lankhmar is the prototype for urban roguish fantasy decades before Waterdeep, Thieves World, or Freeport were […]

Episode 56: Campaign Setting – Lankhmar, or the Grand Theft ...

Gamer’s Tavern Game Table Shadowrun live stream — Watch live every Friday evening at 7:30 PM at http://www.twitch.tv/gamerstavernshow Brandon Gensemer – GM Ozurr – Neil Kat9 – Eiko Summer Newett – Remy Rob – Gremlin Seraph Blakes – Lost in Spirits John – Handsome Mo If you want to watch […]

Game Table Shadowrun Season 2: Plot Resistance Episodes 3 and ...