Episode 40: Gamer Health, or Stop Eating S***ty Foods

Diet? Exercise? On my gaming podcast? It’s more likely than you think. And not nearly as bad as you fear. This episode, we talk about the small lifestyle changes you can make to feel better and game longer!

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Our Guests

Jake Burgess

Flashover Arts

Hero System

Luc McArthur

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Luc’s Facebook Albums

What We’ve Been Playing Lately


Hero System (Jake)

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl)

Dystopian Wars (Luke)

X-Wing Miniatures (Luke)

Sentinels of the Multiverse (Luke, Ross)

Warhammer 40K (Luke, Jake, Ross)



Gamer Health


How to Read Nutritional Labels

Darryl’s Blog: The Dreaded Diet

My Fitness Pal app

Zombies! Run! App

Couch to 5K app

Dresden Files RPG

Manitou Incline Hiking Trail


Texas Renaissance Festival (I picked this one because I grew up going to it every year)

NERO Live Action Roleplay



Society for Creative Anachronism

Episode 37: Live Action Roleplay

My Fitness Pal Forums

Episode 27: Birthright

Darryl’s Cooking Blog

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