Episode 36: Self Publishing, or Making a Throne of Books 1

Have an amazing idea that’s too niche or too original to make it through the gatekeepers at the publishers? Whether it’s a game, a novel, or something else: Publish it yourself! Learn how to do just that, the strengths and challenges of self-publishing, and how to get your product to the public.


Audible – The largest source of audio books on the internet. Get your free trial now!

Accursed – The dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds where you play the monsters battling evil witches.

One Degree with Nick – Nick Jaworski interviews the world, one degree of separation at a time.

Our Guest

Jennifer Rehnay

Jennifer’s Website

The Last Seraph

Line by Line Beta Reader

What We’ve Been Playing Lately

Wildstar (Jennifer)

League of Legends (Jennifer)

Champions Complete (Ross)

Mutants & Masterminds (Ross)

Star Trek Online (Ross)

Independent Publishing

Green Ronin Staff Page

Evil Hat Staff Page

Mantic Games

Super Meatboy


Amazon Createspace

Studio 2 (Ross’s printer)

Drive Thru RPG

Calibre (eBook organization and creation)

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe InDesign

Adam Jury InDesign tutorials

Microsoft Word

My Identifiers

We didn’t talk about this on the show, but The Game Crafters is print on demand for board and card games

Poser Pro

Daz 3D

Google Adwords




Nordling’s review of Transformers 4

My Little Pony CCG

Circle Drawing Competitions

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One thought on “Episode 36: Self Publishing, or Making a Throne of Books

  • Scarecrow3

    I’ve been listening to your podcast, though I’m very far behind, and I’ve just listened to the podcast(s) on edition wars. (Yes, I’m that far behind). I’m glad you dared to take on this subject, and I think you did a fantastic job of presenting the merits and flaws without devolving into a “You’re a poopy-head” level of disagreement. I’m hoping I can convince you to do this again, only this time an edition war based on Classic World of Darkness and New World of Darkness, or Shadowrun 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th edition the various Star Wars table-top editions or maybe even Joel or Mike. Uh, that last doesn’t really fit, not an RPG.

    Having an adult, and reasoned discussion, as you did with D&D edition wars, would be nice.

    I’m looking forward to listening to even more of your podcast and really looking forward to your actual plays.