This is the backstory of my character for the upcoming Shadowrun Actual Play podcast, Kyle Rogers aka “Babysitter”   “What happened?” Higashi-san said. “I don’t remember,” I said. I coughed, bringing a handkerchief to my mouth just in time to catch a glob of whatever it was I inhaled. My […]

Game Table: Kyle Rogers Goes Freelance

Back in June, I weighed 440 lbs. Shortly before Comicpalooza, the first convention I covered for Ain’t It Cool News, I started to worry about all the walking I’d have to do. When I lived in Austin, I was somewhat active because i walked places. Not the case around here, […]

Specialties of the House: The Dreaded Diet

I’ve had some ideas to expand the podcast since before we recorded the first episode. One of my first ideas (and one of the biggest suggestions we’ve gotten from listeners) is actual play podcasts. Well, Ross talked about his Shadowrun 4th Edition character Raef on a previous episode, a pixie […]

Announcing Gamer’s Tavern: Game Table

BattleTech. Robotech. Rifts. Mekton. Giant robots beating the crap out of other giant robots. Is that ever not awesome? Jason Marker (Robotech RPG, Warhammer 40K Roleplay, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire) joins us to talk about our favorite giant stompy robot games and how to run them. Also, you […]

Episode 18: Giant Robot Games, or Ross and Jason Fight ...

Disclaimer Now, before anyone comments, I would like to point out that in Japan, the word “sushi” refers to the rice, not the fish. So I’m going to focus on how to prepare the rice for sushi. I also live in rural Southeast Texas, so let me tell you how […]

Specialty of the House: Sushi

Since we talked about worldbuilding on the last episode before the Awards, I thought I might go into some more detail about the subject. If you listened to the episode, a lot of this will sound familiar because, well, it’s what we talked about on the show. However, I thought […]

How I Created an Empire

This week, Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. honor the best in gaming for 2013. From board games to roleplaying games, from accessories to media, we give our picks for what we feel are the best of the year past. We chose our winners based on our own personal, subjective […]

Episode 17: First Annual Gamer’s Tavern Awards

Chili is a wonderful dish to serve at the gaming table because it’s easy to cook, it’s a nice, hearty meal, it has a history of being eaten by those on an adventuring trail, and (best of all) it’s cheap. Now, apparently the flamewars resulting when someone asks whether or […]

Specialties of the House: Chili

How do game designers create the amazing worlds we all play in? How can you use their tricks to add more to your own game? Or do you want to become a professional yourself and publish your own game world? Colin McComb and Darrell Hardy join us to discuss one […]

Episode 16: Worldbuilding, or The Lady of Pain is Six ...

Back when 3rd Edition launched, I was the first person in my area to run a game in the new system. Also, this campaign represented my first attempt at running a long-term game as pretty much every other campaign I’d ever run lasted a month at most before we got […]

Creating a Villain

What makes a villain? What separates them from just another antagonists and pushes them into iconic if not mythic status? Chris Avelllone, designer of some of the greatest villains of gaming history whether digital or analog, joins us to discuss what makes a villain and how to use the Big […]

Episode 15: Villains, or Please Don’t Sue Us Harlan Ellison

In our most controversial episode to date, Ross and Darryl discuss the second half of D&D’s history, the Wizards of the Coast/Paizo era. And yes, there are arguments a plenty. However, both the host and owner of the Gamer’s Tavern manage to discuss the single most contentious point in gaming […]

Episode 14: D&D Edition Wars Part 2, or Weeaboo Fightan ...