This is a column I’m written to set up for future columns. I wanted to do recipes for french fries, corn dogs, fried fish, homemade chips, and lots of other gaming staple snack foods, but all these things have one thing in common – Deep Frying. And there’s a lot […]

Specialties of the House: How to Fry

We go way off the deep end this episode as we discuss using graphic violence and other mature content in gaming. How do you know where the line is? How do you keep from crossing it? WARNING: This episode is about the topic of Graphic Content. This episode contains descriptions […]

Episode 21: Graphic Content, or Shocking Grasp Ballslap

It’s hard to find someone who knows what she’s doing and doesn’t want to be found, at least in the sprawl of Seattle. This week, Kyle “Babysitter” Rogers meets up with three other Shadowrunners as they take on a job from the enigmatic troll “Jenkins” to track down a cybered-up […]

Game Table Episode 2: Funk Fresh

This is Ross’s recap of Episode 1 of Gamer’s Tavern: Game Table, as written by his character Raef.   Bloody Tears of the Raven, Chapter IX: Enter the Stone-Faced Bad Babysitter The first time I laid eyes on the man they call “The Bad Babysitter” was during a night of […]

Bloody Tears of the Raven, Chapter IX: Enter the Stone-Faced ...

In the first of our series on campaign settings, we talk with author Richard Lee Byers on Faerun and the Forgotten Realms. Join us at the table in the corner as we talk about all the different aspects of the setting and why it’s one of the most popular campaign […]

Episode 20: Forgotten Realms, or Thay Was Cool Until I ...

It’s a simple milk run. Keep two corp kids safe when they do something stupid in the Barrens. What could possibly go wrong? Ross Watson and Darryl Mott Jr. play Raef and Babysitter in the world of Shadowrun, with Gamemaster Brandon Gensemer. For more information about the campaign, check out […]

Gamer’s Tavern Game Table Episode 1: The Kid Counts for ...

Are you worried about gaming with your romantic partner? Or maybe you’re looking for that special gamer out there for you? Or hae you found The One, but they’re not into gaming? This special Valentine’s Day edition of Gamer’s Tavern addresses all your concerns about real-life relationships and tabletop gaming! […]

Episode 19: Romance and Gaming, or Critical Hit on my ...

This is the backstory of Ross’s character, Raef aka Ravenblood Blackwolf Deathblade, written in his voice as an online fanfic writer. THE SECRET ORIGIN OF RAVENBLOOD BLACKWOLF DEATHBLADE By Raef ➢ Wait, how is this a secret origin if you’re telling everybody? This is NOT what shadowrunners do! Fail. ➢ […]

Game Table: Ross Character Backstory

This is the backstory of my character for the upcoming Shadowrun Actual Play podcast, Kyle Rogers aka “Babysitter”   “What happened?” Higashi-san said. “I don’t remember,” I said. I coughed, bringing a handkerchief to my mouth just in time to catch a glob of whatever it was I inhaled. My […]

Game Table: Kyle Rogers Goes Freelance

Back in June, I weighed 440 lbs. Shortly before Comicpalooza, the first convention I covered for Ain’t It Cool News, I started to worry about all the walking I’d have to do. When I lived in Austin, I was somewhat active because i walked places. Not the case around here, […]

Specialties of the House: The Dreaded Diet

I’ve had some ideas to expand the podcast since before we recorded the first episode. One of my first ideas (and one of the biggest suggestions we’ve gotten from listeners) is actual play podcasts. Well, Ross talked about his Shadowrun 4th Edition character Raef on a previous episode, a pixie […]

Announcing Gamer’s Tavern: Game Table