Episode 40: Gamer Health, or Stop Eating S***ty Foods 3

Diet? Exercise? On my gaming podcast? It’s more likely than you think. And not nearly as bad as you fear. This episode, we talk about the small lifestyle changes you can make to feel better and game longer!

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Jake Burgess

Flashover Arts

Hero System

Luc McArthur

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Hero System (Jake)

Dungeons & Dragons (Darryl)

Dystopian Wars (Luke)

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Warhammer 40K (Luke, Jake, Ross)



Gamer Health


How to Read Nutritional Labels

Darryl’s Blog: The Dreaded Diet

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Texas Renaissance Festival (I picked this one because I grew up going to it every year)

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Episode 37: Live Action Roleplay

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Episode 27: Birthright

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3 thoughts on “Episode 40: Gamer Health, or Stop Eating S***ty Foods

  • Evan

    Had the Gamer Health episode come up while I was working out today, which made for some amusing background chatter in the gym. Appreciate you taking on a potentially-controversial/loaded topic with lots of tact and a great, body-positive message. I wasn’t very surprised, given your track record with the earlier discussion on sexism in gaming; obviously you’re willing and able to have a productive discussion around hot-button topics and do so in a respectful way. I disagree with several comments made, but understand that most of them were likely hyperbole and also am comfortable with the fact that none of us who are passionate about exercise and nutrition are likely to agree on many of the finer points. I support your choice in having two guests who each approached body recomposition from an opposite direction, in terms of one with the experience of shedding weight and the other’s experiences with trying to build lean mass. Appreciate the work, and looking forward to hearing more.

    Friendly 6′, 198-lb, 13% powerlifting/running fitness nerd and long-time listener.

  • Chris

    Over all a great show, but I think you missed one small point. Portion control, I know that it is a big problem for me especially when gaming. When I get into a game I have trouble remembering that a medium pizza isn’t a single serving size.

  • Scarecrow237

    I can assure you that those “fears” that I’ve experienced *don’t happen only in my head*. I know this because I’m not thinking it, I know this because I hear it out loud. I’ve been ridiculed, assaulted, pranked, and ultimately asked to leave all of the gyms in my area by the dude bros who don’t want “meatballs” like me in their territory.